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Configuration Exchange 2010 DAG Replication for use with WAN Acceleration

Exchange 2010


If you using WAN acceleration devices such as Silverpeak’s, Riverbed’s or Citrix Branch Repeater’s, and are sending Exchange 2010 replication traffic through them, there are some changes you should make to ensure that you are getting the best utilization out of these devices. 

By default, Exchange 2010 comes set with NetworkCompression and NetworkEncryption set to InterSubnetOnly


You can see this by running the command:

Get-DatabaseAvailablityGroup –Identity DagName –Status | FL

This means that Exchange 2010 will encrypt and compress the replication network traffic across sites.  Since the WAN accelerators cannot unencrypt the data, it cannot reduce the traffic.  If we disable these two options and let the dedicated WAN accelerators handle the reduction, we’ll get much better utilization.

You want to run the command:

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup –Identity DagName –NetworkCompression disabled –NetworkEncryption disabled

Check the DAG with the Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup command and the settings should be changed: